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The Forty-Five bus is safe - we won!

After weeks of campaigning and after securing a string of local and national news stories, we’ve just had the brilliant news that our campaign to save the 45 bus has been successful and Transport for West Midlands and Diamond Buses have agreed to fund the route for at least six more months.

This is a huge success and matters so much to the people in the Yew Tree, Tamebridge, Charlemont and other parts of the route, who rely on the 45 every day.

This is the quote I gave to the Express and Star about the news that our campaign has won:

Sarah Coombes, organiser of the save the 45 petition, said:

“Thanks to people coming together and mounting a fierce campaign, we have had this great news that the 45 will be saved for the next six months. The bus is vital for so many in the Yew Tree, Tamebridge and Charlemont and it would be unthinkable for it to be lost. We will continue our campaign until the bus is saved for good.”

When I started the petition to save the bus I didn’t think we’d get to 1500 signatures within weeks or that we’d be filming with Channel 5 news in West Bromwich Bus Station.

It shows what you can achieve with energy, campaigning experience and community spirit.

I’m glad to have played my part in saving the 45 bus - and will be continuing to fight on behalf of residents on the issues that matter.

I’ll keep fighting to make this decision permanent, and hope members will join me in lobbying Andy Street, the Mayor of the West Midlands, who has the power to step in and keep the 45 bus running for good. We’ve already lost the 46 route that Hampstead residents used - Andy Street should revisit that decision and ensure no more of our local routes are taken away.


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