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Visiting the Yemeni Community Centre

It was fantastic to visit the Yemeni Community Association in Greets Green and see the warm space that they are providing for anyone in need.

Ragih and the team offer anyone in need a free, warm, safe space to come to every Sunday between 3pm and 8pm - no need to book. Haircuts, internet access and table tennis are available too!

Our community centres in West Brom East have responded amazingly to the cost of living crisis, stepping up to help those who are struggling and making sure that no-one falls between the cracks.

But let’s not forget this cost of living crisis was created by the Tories, and working people are paying the price. We’ve had 15 Tory tax rises, leading to the highest tax burden in 70 years, and everyone’s feeling the hit from rising energy, food and fuel prices.

We need a Labour government to tackle this problem. Labour would cut VAT on home energy bills, insulate millions of homes to save on energy bills now and in the future, and cut small business rates to support businesses through hard times.


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