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Speaking to students at Sandwell College and Central Saint Michael's sixth form

It was great to be asked to speak to students at Sandwell College and Central Saint Michael's Sixth Form about local, national and even international politics. Our discussion covered everything from Trump to the harmful introduction of compulsory voter ID in Britain and the broken asylum crisis, being made worse all the time by the heartless actions of this Tory Government.

It was an inspiring discussion with the next generation about how young people can get involved in politics and use their voices to be a force for change.

The students I spoke to had so much potential, and I’m sure that they have bright futures ahead of them. But with so many local children growing up in poverty, it’s no surprise that far too many still leave school without the qualifications they need to go on to an apprenticeship, college or university. Our young people need support. I’m committed to working with the council, local youth services and schools to improve the opportunities for local students, but we need a Labour government to give young people up and down the country the chance to succeed.


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